5 Reasons to Visit your Dentist!!

5 reasons to visit your dentist

Feeling confident in your smile is so important, so it’s crucial to take good care of it! That means regular check-ups at the dentist (we recommend every 6 months), for a thorough exam and consultation. Did you know that a quarter of all adults say that they haven’t visited their dentist in over two years.  Here at Brilliant Dental Care we are passionate about teeth, and giving our patients their perfect smile.

Here are a few reasons why you should come in and see us.

  1. Preventative Care – The simplest way to look after your mouth and teeth is regular visits to the dentist. By visiting twice a year you are reducing your chance of excess tarter build up and causing long term damage to your teeth and your gums. There are people who need to visit the dentist more often, these being those who smoke and drink a high amount of sugary drinks. By visiting your dentist they will advise you how often you should visit your dentist.
  2. Oral Hygiene – Gums that are swollen, red and bleeding aren’t normal. Irritation that occurs when you brush and floss might be a symptom of periodontal disease. While bleeding gums can sometimes be a sign of overly enthusiastic oral hygiene habits (“aggressive brushing”), they need to be checked out by one of our dentists to make sure that the bleeding is not a result of gum disease. If you’re suffering from persistent bad breath, your mouth might be trying to get your attention. Not only is it embarrassing, but bad breath is also a symptom of infection! If that bad taste and lingering odour doesn’t improve with a swish of mouthwash or brushing your teeth, then you should make an appointment to come see us! Too Much Tartar? If you’ve noticed hard, scaly deposits on the surface of your teeth, it’s time to come see our hygienist. Tartar build up is actually oral bacteria growth that has calcified onto your teeth, which can lead to future tooth loss. Unless you’re eating seafood, tartar in your mouth isn’t a good thing.
  3. Cancer Checks – Many dentists routinely check for mouth or oropharyngeal cancer. So they are often the first to spot these cancers in their patients. If the dentist suspects a cancer they can refer you to the hospital to see a specialist. You need to report any changes that you find to your GP or dentist. This is especially important if you smoke and drink heavily.
  4. Cosmetic Care – We offer a wide range of treatments such as teeth whitening, cosmetic tooth polish, adult orthodontics, veneers and crowns. We also offer a wide range of facial aesthetic treatments that will help you be more confident. Cosmetic dentistry is concerned with the appearance of teeth and the enhancement of a person’s smile. In this field, the emphasis is on the art of dentistry, not just the science. On the surface, creating white teeth, or even whole new teeth in general, may not appear to be that complicated. Yet cosmetic dentistry requires a good eye, a thorough understanding of dental anatomy, and a mastery of dental materials.
  5. Jaw Problems – If you wake with throbbing discomfort in your jaw, then it might be time to come in for an evaluation. There are many causes for ongoing jaw pain, including teeth grinding, TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder, a misaligned bite, and even an abscessed tooth. Never ignore a toothache! Pain is your bodies’ way of telling you that something isn’t quite right. If your teeth are feeling sensitive, it could be the first sign of a cavity or an abscessed tooth. If you’re suffering from persistent dental pain, then it’s important to have your tooth evaluated quickly. A dental cavity can grow larger, resulting in a bigger restoration and more pain. If it’s an abscess, the pain will only get worse, so give our Talbot Green practice a call and come see us.

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