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Some lines enhance the natural beauty of your face, but others aren’t so complementary.

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Even people in their 20s who use eye wrinkle cream and take good care of their skin can feel unhappy about creases under their eyes, and when makeup settles in them they can appear really ageing.

And at some point everyone will notice wrinkles in the outside corners of their eyes, known as crow’s feet, and other fine lines, creases and ridges around the eyes. These are all a natural part of ageing, caused by the body’s increasing inability to replace collagen and elastin proteins, which are essential for vibrant and elastic skin.

Other lifestyle factors such as smoking and sun damage accelerate the formation of wrinkles, and facial expressions when you laugh, squint or smile play a role too.

Don’t worry though, we don’t want you to stop smiling!

We believe it’s our job to help people who want to soften or eradicate their eye wrinkles to target only the unattractive ones, while enhancing their natural features. In other words, some lines are endearing and enhance the natural beauty of your face, and other lines are not complementary – they are the ones we try to soften or take away. In other words, some lines are endearing and enhance the natural beauty of your face, and other lines are not complementary – they are the ones we try to soften or take away.

Botulinum Toxin Type A, often known as Botox, has been used by doctors for 20 years to treat facial tics and muscle spasms and offers a quick, almost painless solution to eye lines. It is administered by a tiny injection that stops your nerves from sending messages to activate the facial muscles responsible for eye wrinkles.

The key is to distinguish between wrinkles as a result of movement (smiling, for instance) versus wrinkles that are still there when your face is at rest.

Botulinum Toxin Type A helps with wrinkles that appear as a result of movement; when used correctly it can widen the eye, relax the wrinkles and give a well-rested look. Botox is a prescription only medicine and can only be used where it is deemed appropriate by a health professional following a consultation for lines and wrinkles. Dermal fillers, made from hyaluronic acid – a natural substance found in the body that attracts water to the skin and plumps it up – can be injected to correct hollowing around the eyes. Muscle relaxant injections and dermal fillers both last between three and six months and many patients attend regular treatments to maintain the results.

To get the best results you need to be examined by an expert and have the right doses of the right material chosen and injected correctly, which dentists are perfectly skilled to do:

they train in injections from the beginning of their careers and they have a deep understanding of the dynamics of the face, which is their exclusive field of expertise.

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  • Avatar Andrei Lenghel ★★★★★ 3 weeks ago
    Very good services and very safe to used.
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    Very happy with my treatment . Staff very friendly and reassuring . A happy patient 👍👍.
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    On arrival to site I was greeted by a very friendly receptionist. Richard worked on my teeth and I am very happy with the results. He told me … More step by step what he would be doing and made sure I was okay through the whole procedure. Will definitely be returning. Thank you
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    Really lovely practice and staff. I have had a problem tooth for ages that has finally been sorted. Thanks again so much. 🙂
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    Have had an implant after losing a front crown. From my first visit I have received excellent treatment from everyone I came in contact with. … More My implantologist is 'Vinay', apart from feeling confidence in his skills from day 1, he is very approachable along with nursing staff and receptionist. My treatment has been wonderful with an amazing result. I am thrilled with implant and would highly recommend this practice.
  • Avatar Rachel Jackson ★★★★★ 3 years ago
    Attended the practice as a new patient. Was quite nervous as hadn’t been to a dentist in a while. The friendly dentist and staff put me at ease. … More Would definitely recommend to family and friends looking for a dentist.

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